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    “I Shouldn’t Be the Most Disappointed About Kiernan Dying”- YoungstaCPT Urges AKA’s Friends to Demand Justice

    YoungstaCPT is dissatisfied with how AKA’s close friends and associates have remained silent since his assassination over a month ago. The rapper and his buddy Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were shot and killed in Durban, but no arrests have been made.

    One of AKA’s pals is said to have betrayed him and collaborated with the hitmen to assassinate him. Anwar “Dogg” Khan, the late rapper’s bodyguard, appeared to validate the suspicions when he stated that the protocol was violated during the rapper’s journey to Durban.

     According to ZAlebs, AKA’s close friend and industry colleague YoungstaCPT took to his Twitter page to put the rapper’s close friends and associates on full blast for not advocating for the rapper’s justice. 

    YoungtaCPT went on to say that he couldn’t be the only one upset by AKA’s death. The irritated rapper wrote: “I shouldn’t be the most upset about Kiernan dying! Where’s his close brasse? Where’s the team? Where are the associates? Where’s the law? Come now ouens, open your bek & DALA WHAT YOU MUST!” 

    The rapper’s fans expressed similar thoughts. Several people believe individuals who had AKA on the night of the murder should come forward and provide additional information to authorities.

    @itsmadogchief wrote: “Where’s Don? Can he please tell us what that guy he saw looked like? So that we can try searching for him. By now they should have a sketch of him at least.” 

    @solomonsnazli85 added: “I can’t reveal all that he shared with me here because it’s so deep And you need to hear this and guide me on how to put it all out there.” 

    Main Image: YoungstaCPT and AKA| YouTube

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