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    OSCARS: Social media pundits unhappy with Jamie Lee Curtis’win

    Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Oscar win has attracted contrasting reviews from social media pundits, who feel she didn’t deserve it.

    Twitter reactions indicate that the talented actress didn’t do better than Angela Bassett to warrant her win on Sunday night.

    Curtis won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in Everything Everywhere All At Once but there are calls that the win is not justified.

    While Jamie’s co-star, Stephanie, looked adorably excited for her EEAAO co-star, fans were quick to point out Bassett’s look of disappointment at the award’s announcement.

    Angela was nominated for playing the grieving mother of T’Challa in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which she did while grieving the real-life death of her co-star, Chadwick Boseman.

    While Jamie is a deeply talented actor in her own right, there was some uproar that Angela did not take the accolade home for her work in Wakanda Forever as well as her legacy as an actor.

    People were also quick to call out how Jamie Lee beat Stephanie Hsu who had a much longer and more integral part in the film than she did.

    Her win even launched a discussion on the roles nepotism plays in award shows like these.

    Wrote @MGl: “Why do the Oscars and the Academy even still exist? It’s not based on the fans opinions. Every year there’s some big “upset” or uproar. As long as advertisers and companies keep sponsoring them and these celebrities keep showing up, nothing will change.”

    @S&A said: “This was a “you’ve been in the industry a long time here ya go” award and that’s not fair.”

    @James Carlson wrote:

    “Just puts on a bulletproof vest, to be safe: Let me say I’m happy Jamie got an Oscar for so long. THAT BEING SAID… : Sees the guns aimed: Stephaine Hsu should have won. No offense to Angela, but Steph was better. :… still expecting to get shot:.”

    Main Image: Jamie Lee Curtis/USWeekly

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