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    Enhle Mbali’s Journey to Forgiveness

    Enhle Mbali, an actress and media figure, has begun a journey of forgiveness. With her divorce from Black Coffee and rumoured cheating claims, the actress has had a difficult time. Mbali took to Instagram to convey the importance of forgiveness and letting go with her fans.

    Mbali and Black Coffee reportedly split up in 2019 due to infidelity allegations. Mbali also made allegations that the proclaimed international DJ abused her physically and emotionally throughout their relationship.

    Mbali posted to Instagram a month ago to unveil her new bald look, saying that she was in her most raw state and reintroduced herself.

    Enhle Mbali’s Journey to Forgiveness, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    “Bald headed like a full moon shining. This is me . In my most raw state. I AM MBALENHLE MLOTSHWA MODISE MOGASE. Tswana girl from Soweto. My life from the beginning was never easy , although I wear it gracefully. I am a product of strong women and I myself am one. My imperfections have have permanently created perfect lessons. A squire once told me it’s your story!! You write it!! You control it!! The first page is today rightfully so beza…. LET THE STORY BEGIN. Pg1,” she wrote

    The Actress started a series called “Soul Binge” on her Instagram, in her latest episode she spoke about her forgiveness and that she might have forgiven her ex-husband.

    Enhle Mbali’s Journey to Forgiveness, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    She wrote, “It’s important to release yourself from anything that binds your spirit and mind which ultimately binds your body. Forgiveness is the ultimate mark of strength. Forgive everyone including yourself. Wright down everyone who has made you feel as if you were wronged, everyone you have wronged including yourself ( it’s important to forgive yourself!!! for allowing yourself to be done wrong or not protecting yourself). After writing this list ask for forgiveness, forgive then burn it. You have to be extremely honest with yourself. Do some deep introspection. Good luck.”

    Enhle Mbali’s Journey to Forgiveness, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Continuing with her ‘Soul Binge’ journey, Mbali posted another day three post, “Day3 of the soul binge.(I struggled to find it appropriate picture for this) LIVE IN YOUR PAIN A LITTLE!! Pain is a completely normal part of life. We all have in varying amounts some kind of pain. It’s what you do with the pain that separates us. You could let it turn you into a terribly bitter, petty person or you could learn from it and be better. For this to happen, you need to sit with yourself, understand the pain, understand where it comes from, understand who caused it (without blame ) and actively start to heal. In the healing, you stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes. Today I suggest you find yourself a corner of peace, and dig deep. Cry. Scream. Be angry. Be a victim. Then let it go. Today you’re taking ownership of your life. Today you are establishing a new self. Your traumas will never go away, but how you handle them makes you a different person. I’m sorry you went through it. But I’m happy you’re doing something about it. Sit in the storm. Then actively pull yourself out of it. I love you. #EmpressEnhle

    Main Image: Enhle Mbali| Instagram

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