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    Football Wife’s Divorce Settlement Denied as Husband’s Wealth is in Mother’s Name

    Hiba Abouk, the wife of Paris Saint-Germain’s Achraf Hakimi, has lost her bid to claim half of the footballer’s fortune following his alleged involvement in a rape investigation. Abouk, a 36-year-old Spaniard, had filed for divorce and demanded half of Hakimi’s fortune, but was surprised to learn that the Moroccan defender possessed no real estate or money in the bank. In court, it was revealed that Hakimi had registered all of his assets in the name of his mother, leaving his wife with nothing.

    Hakimi, who was indicted on rape charges by French prosecutors in March, was said to have put all of his wealth in the name of his mother. His wife, who was on vacation in Dubai with their two children at the time, was taken aback. Following the news of Hakimi’s arrest, Abouk decided to divorce her husband. Since February 2020, the couple had been married.

    According to court officials, Hakimi does not have any properties, cars, or jewellery registered in his name. According to media reports, his net worth exceeds $70 million, with more than 80% of his earnings credited to his mother’s bank account. He is thought to be Africa’s sixth highest-paid footballer, earning more than $215,000 per week.

    Fanny Colin, Hakimi’s lawyer, stated that her client’s indictment was an “obligatory step for any person accused of rape” and would allow the footballer to defend himself. It remains to be seen how the case progresses, but it appears that Abouk will not receive any of Hakimi’s fortune.

    This case emphasises the importance of financial transparency in divorce and marriage proceedings. Couples should be open and honest about their financial situation in order to avoid future surprises. It also serves as a reminder that wealth and celebrity do not always imply financial security, as Hakimi’s assets were registered in his mother’s name, leaving him with no legal claim to them.

    In conclusion, Hiba Abouk’s bid for half of Achraf Hakimi’s fortune was unsuccessful because his assets were registered in his mother’s name. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of financial transparency in relationships and highlights the potential pitfalls of putting assets in the name of someone else.

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