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    Nigerian controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable has called out Goya Menor over a comment, he made referring to him in an interview.

    The ‘zazuu’ crooner is famous for his trouble-making antics which without a doubt keeps him relevant. He has dazzled fans with his music while also remaining a recurring figure in the news as he doesn’t hesitate to pick up a fight with whosoever.

    Both singers got on bad terms last year after Portable blasted Goya Menor, calling him “unpopular” after the rapper was announced the winner for the Best Street Hop category which he ‘portable’ was disqualified from at the 2022 Headies Awards following threats he made to fellow artists in the same category prior to the award date.

    In a recent interview with Hip TV, Goya reignited their beef and asserted that Portable was the problem rather than him.

    “I don’t have issues with him. I think he has issues with himself” Goya Menor said before drawing a reference that painted Portable as a dog barking at an elephant.

    Goya’s comments clearly didn’t sit well with Portable who quickly reacted by recording a reply of his own and stating that Goya had no hit songs and was not as popular as him in the streets.

    Portable asked Goya Menor how many hits songs he has, as he spoke in pidgin in the video how many shows he has performed, and how many endorsements he has.

    According to Portable, “They dey call musicians you dey comot? You? How many hits you sing? Goya Menor [laughs]. How many shows him go? How many endorsements they give am? He said you cannot compare Portable to him.

    “I dropped hit back-to-back. Zazu! Who no know Zazu? Dem carry award give you, people wey give award sef come dey regret say they give you award [laughs].”

    The back and forth between the two has been going on for some time now and it’s unlikely that fans have seen the last of it.

    Main Image: the nations newspaper

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