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    MamKhize Sets The Record Straight On Thabo Bester Allegations

    Shawn “MamKhize” Mkhize sets the record straight on allegations that she visited “Facebook rapist” Thabo Bester in prison.

    The Businesswoman and media personality took to her Instagram to clear up her name after she topped the trending list this weekend after News24 Journalist, karryn Maughan revealed in an interview that a “well-known celebrity” has been visiting Bester in prison.

    According to Maughan, the prison record that they have obtained shows the list of all the people who have been visiting and those he kept in contact with via phone calls. She mentioned that a “well-known celebrity” resulted to people assuming that the celebrity was MamKhize.

    “What has been fascinating is because we have the prison records, we have been phoning the number of people that have been visiting him and a number of people he listed as contacts. Including a well know celebrity that you and I will both know, we have seen her on the television screens,” said Maughan in an interview on Newz Room Afrika.

    Makhize took to Instagram stories to clarify that the rumours are false and she couldn’t understand how people reach the conclusion and the fact that she isn’t the only well known public figure.

    “Why is my name being mentioned with Thabo Bester? Can that white lady please tell the country who the well-known celebrity involved? Does this mean I am the only well-known celebrity in SA?

    “Stop putting me in things that I am not involved in,” she continued.

    She went on to promote her book and urged people to go buy it.

    “Please just go buy my book. That is the only thing you can do for me and talk about that. Support me! Stop involving me in things I am not involved in.”

    MamKhize later shared a screenshot of Maughan clearing that she was infact not the well-known celebrity Maughan was talking about.

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    Main Image:MamKhize| Instagram

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