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    It is important to change the narrative and stereotypical approach that people have when it comes to living with HIV, being able to detect it is a life saving discovery that will help you navigate around how you will start living your life with it, and to be honest, nothing much will change for life will continue as it always has been. Living with HIV has always been something that many people do every day. Sometimes, however, life happens and taking your treatment might slip your mind from time to time. So, in order to avoid that, here are tips to help you remember to take your treatment every day.

    Create a routine

    As prescribe by your healthcare provider, make sure that you make it a habit of taking your medication as directed by your healthcare provider. Do make sure that you create a schedule that will best work for you and then stick to it. Some people prefer taking it during the day and some at night, that might be totally dependent on the shifts you might be working or other commitments you might be facing.  If you were advised to take your medication in the morning, for example, then make it a habit to take your medication with your breakfast.

    Get a weekly or monthly pill-box

    Not many people are aware of this but pill boxes are the best way to help you up to speed with your medication intake. It eliminates the anxiety and stress you would have to go through in remembering which day you did/ didn’t  take the pills. Pill-boxes are a great way to keep up with your medication.

    Set an alarm

    Most people do this based on the fact that they have busy schedules and we know that sometimes having a busy schedule can make you forget a lot of things. Setting an alarm is one of the best ways to keep you on track with taking your medication. If you know you’re forgetful, then try to set an alarm 5 minutes before you have to take your pills.

    Ask a loved one

    Living with HIV can be a very lonely journey because of the stigma attached to it. Believe it or not, a solid support system is really important. If you already have support from a loved one, then ask them to remind you or check if you have taken your medication.

    Continue seeing a healthcare provider

    Seeing your healthcare practitioner regularly is important to monitor the virus, and to ensure that you become or stay undetectable. Use these visits to open up to your healthcare provider, receive as much medical support as you can and to stay motivated to stick to your treatment plan.

    Your health should be your number one priority, and I know it might be hard sometimes but remember that HIV is manageable and you can live a healthy and long life, just as long as you take your medication as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

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