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    Davido On being the “King of Afrobeat”

    In April Forbes named Davido as the “king of Afrobeats.” The Fall singer did not dispute the claims in fact he believes that he deserves the title and didn’t come as a fluke.

    The star went on to say, “I mean, it’s true. I have lived in both places; I have lived in America. I went to school right here too, in Alabama. I was always spreading the gospel of African culture; the food, fashion.

    “So, when it was time to do music, my dream was always the crossover; ‘When will that crossover happen?’ And you know, I was one of the first to get signed by a major label.”

    Speaking to TSR, the Unavailable singer said that being recognized as one of the four leading Afrobeats artists “it’s amazing”, and that he used to say that “one day it’s going to be the biggest genre” and that the world needs to start coming closer to Africa.

    The OBO crooner performed at the 2023 BET Awards for the first time.

    “I feel good performing tonight. It should be big. It should be amazing; it’s the first time I’m performing at the [BET] Awards, and I’m excited.”

    Davido also shared how he used to share African music with his American friends while he was living in America. “I always knew if we had the opportunity to be heard, eventually it [afrobeats explosion] would happen

    He concluded by giving a “Shoutout to all the afrobeats artists killing it as well. Everybody putting in works, coming out here doing tours, spreading the gospel [of afrobeats].”

    Main Image: Davido|Instagram

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