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    Ori Mashamba(16) Takes the Plunge for a Cause in the Inaugural Oceans 8 Charity Swim

    Ori Mashamba, a 16-year-old swimming enthusiast, is set to make waves at the first-ever Oceans 8 Charity Swim. 

    The event, exclusively dedicated to charity, aims to provide sustainable funding for deserving non-profits in KwaZulu-Natal. As the event approaches, Ori shares his inspiration, preparations, and goals in an exclusive interview.

    “When I learned about this unique opportunity to support deserving non-profits, I knew I had to participate,” he says, reflecting on his involvement in the Oceans 8 Charity Swim. Combining his passion for swimming with a chance to make a positive impact became a driving force behind his decision.

    The Oceans 8 Charity Swim is a collaborative effort initiated by five charities: DUCT, NSRI, Project Rhino, Singakwenza, and WILDTRUST. Each organization focuses on different aspects, such as conservation, education, and community empowerment. 

    He emphasizes the importance of supporting these specific non-profits, stating, “They play a crucial role in addressing pressing issues and making a tangible difference in people’s lives.”

    Highlighting the impact of these charities, Ori shares, “They promote environmental awareness, safeguard wildlife, empower disadvantaged children through education, and uplift communities through various initiatives. Their collective efforts contribute to a better future for all.”

    To prepare for the Oceans 8 Charity Swim, Ori has been following a rigorous training routine. “Building endurance, improving stroke technique, and practising open-water swimming are essential aspects of my preparation,” he reveals.

     The soft-spoken philanthropist emphasizes the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to enhance overall fitness.

    As the inaugural Oceans 8 Charity Swim approaches, he admits to a mixture of excitement and nervousness. “It’s a significant event, and the opportunity to swim for a cause I believe in adds to the anticipation,” he confesses. 

    However, he remains confident in his training and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

    When asked about his goals for participating in the event, Ori expresses his desire to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved. “I hope to exceed my fundraising goals, ensuring maximum support for the non-profits involved,” he states. 

    With a blend of social media campaigns, local sponsorships, and fundraising events, Ori plans to engage his community and rally support for the cause.

    The Oceans 8 Charity Swim presents both physical and environmental challenges for participants. 

    The grade 10 pupil acknowledges the open-water conditions, including waves, currents, and potential weather variations. “Staying focused, adapting to the conditions, and ensuring safety will be crucial during the swim,” he advises.

    Ori encourages anyone considering participating in a charity swim to seize the opportunity. “It’s an incredible chance to combine your passion for swimming with a greater purpose,” he enthuses. 

    He offers advice to aspiring participants, including early training, achievable goal-setting, and the power of community support in reaching fundraising targets.

    The young athlete emphasizes the importance of supporting the charities involved. “They are the lifeline for education, environment, and community development,” he emphasizes. By contributing to their work, he believes lasting change can be created, uplifting the most vulnerable members of society.

    Looking ahead, Ori envisions the Oceans 8 Charity Swim growing into a flagship event that attracts more participants, sponsors, and media attention. “With increased visibility, the impact

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