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    Tank defends Babyface in the midst of his spat with Anita Baker

    Singer and actor Tank comes to Babyface’s defence after he was removed from Anita Baker’s Songstress Tour due to ‘Two Occasions’ singer’s fans bullying her.

    The ‘When We’ singer took to his Instagram to defend his friend and mentor Babyface after people were crucifying him for not attending the tour. Tank went on to pose the question, “Who’s protecting our Black men?” and went on to share that Babyface did nothing wrong.

    Tank captioned his two-minute video, “Just can’t stand by and not talk about the truth of it all. My apologies @babyface but i’m not as meek and mild mannered as you are. It is a flaw of mine but somebody has to say something!. R&B MONEY”

    Tank began the video with, “It’s really hard for me to stand by and let one of my heroes, one of the nicest human beings ever, just be attacked and be vilified for no reason.”

    “When a man stands accused of doing something that hasn’t done anything. He apologized to his fans for not being able to perform after he was told he would not be able to perform. So somehow, whatever happens after that is his fault? And then you kick him off the tour?”

    He continued, “I want to respect my elders, I do. Stay out of grown folks’ business is what they say. But somebody gotta say something. Babyface? Do this to Babyface?! That don’t seem wrong to y’all? Something don’t seem wrong about that?

    “He didn’t do anything! He didn’t say anything! Nobody’s gonna say anything? We have to protect our Black women, and I see where you guys are, I understand. But who’s protecting our Black men? Our Black heroes? That guy?”

    Tuesday, 13th June 2023, Anita Baker made an announcement revealing that Babyface would no longer be supporting her on her tour “After Silently, Enduring Cyber Bulling/Verbal Abuse & Threats of Violence from the Fan Base of Our Special Guest/Support Act.” She went on to tweet that she will “continue, The Songstress Tour, alone. Appropriate refunds will be made.”

    Babyface went on Twitter to share how sadden he is by the news that Baker decided to remove him from her tour.

    “I am saddened by the news that Anita Baker has decided to remove me from ‘The Songstress Tour.’ It’s unfortunate and disheartening to see how things have played out via social media. While I was looking forward to the rest of the dates, I have nothing but love & respect for Anita and I wish her the best for the remainder of her tour.”

    Main Image: Tank| Paras Griffin / Getty Images

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