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Having a partner that wants to be involved in almost everything you do can be a blessing, especially based on the times we live in, the young are now more hesitant to show emotions and affection. When you get to spend more time with your partner, your love becomes stronger but that doesn’t mean that your life should only be about your partner, you also have to live your own life apart from the relationship and here’s why.

You don’t want to lose yourself

It is highly important that you remember that you have a life outside your relationship and have always had it. Once you get to a place whereby your life and the only thing that matters is bae, you will eventually start to forget and lose touch with who you were even before the relationship. The feeling of being attached is great but do not let it get to the point where you forget about all the things that you like, your dreams and your goals.

Building a healthy relationship

Do not get us wrong, it is important to build a relationship with your partner, especially if they are good to you. That will automatically encourage you to look forward and wanting to make time for your babe. However, you need to first find a balance of things that you do without your partner and not neglect your side of what makes you happy. Being in a healthy, mature relationship means that you and your partner have lives outside of the relationship. You need to be able to give each other space and respect each other’s boundaries so you don’t suffocate each other.

You don’t want to lose your friends

Being in love is a great feeling and it can make anyone want to spend all their time with their partner. However, we still need our friends for support and a good laugh, so you need to be careful not to neglect them once you are in a new relationship. Also, if things turn sour, you’ll need your circle of friends to help you through the tough times.

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