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    Joyous Celebration Singer Mbali Lekhuleni Gets candid About how She Killed Her Rapist

    Joyous Celebration soloist Mbali Lekhuleni got candid and shared her story of how she was raped and murdered by her rapist.

    Speaking to UnChristian Network, Mbali revealed how she was raped twice in one night at the tender age of 16. She revealed that she was the second victim of the day.

    Mbali relays how the horrible day went as she reveals that she and the perpetrator jumped a fence into an unknown yard where he took her innocence.

    He then coerced her into another location with a loaded gun, where he r*ped her for the second time.

    Mbali revealed how she managed to trick her rapist into losing focus so she can get hold of his firearm.

    “I held the gun, and when he looked back he found me holding the gun. When he tried to approach me, I just pulled the trigger. That gun was prepared. The only thing I did was pull the trigger. It fired and shot him

    “Then he came to me trying to fight while I was still holding the gun. I fired again. Then he fell, he fell on top of me. I could literally feel his last breath on me. He died on top of me.”

    Main Image: Joyous Celebration Singer Mbali Lekhuleni| Daily Sun

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