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    Lebo M Finds Muthi In His Wife’s Belongings

    It’s getting messy at the Morake household and its looks like it’s about to go down.

    Earlier this month the Lion King composer Lebo M announced his divorce from his wife of one year Pretty Samuels Morake.

    It seems that the divorce is filled with nothing but drama. According to TshisaLIVE Lebo M claims he found muthi in her estranged wife’s belongings.

    Lebo M claims that she instructed his assistant to pack Samuels’ belongings since she no longer has access to his home.

    “We were packing her stuff very nicely so that when she is ready to come collect her belongings she can pick them up,” he told TshisaLIVE.

    “I didn’t know about it. I just discovered this now. I’ve still got to process this. This thing freaked me out. It’s shocking that all this time I am staying with a person who is using these things without my knowledge.”

    According to reports, Lebo M found “Pink salts, blue salts, and some stuff that you put under your tongue and mouth – according to instructions.”

    The Muthi’s were found in different places around his home including one muthi called isibopho found on a tree on the west wing of the home.

    Gogo Skhotheni who is known for her extreme practises told TshisaLIVE that the muthi found at Lebo M’s house is used by a person who wants to keep their relationship.

    “When you put a herb (Mlomo omnandi skhafulo) underneath the tongue, it’s for when you speak to the person so they must listen to you. Geza is for you to be attracted to that person,” she explained.

    EntertainmentSA reported that Samuels is currently at her mother’s house in KwaZulu-Natal, and she has no intentions of ending her marriage.

    “My family has made it clear that they are here to build a family, not to destroy it. I am still a wife and I did not get married to be divorced. The first thing my family asked was what I wanted to do besides the noise out there and I said I am here to stay in my marriage and to build my marriage. Marriages have different problems depending on who you’re married [to] and I’m here to fight for my marriage.

    Main Image: Lebo M and Buhle Samuels| Instagram

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