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    Billie Eilish prioritises her self-care shower with all her ‘lotions and smells’

    The American singer and songwriter, Billie Eilish has revealed how much she prioritises her time for a self-care shower with her lotions and smells.

    The ‘Ocean Eyes’ hitmaker said she feels her after pampering herself with a shower and also mentioned that it’s the best way to calm down when you are having a bad day “emotionally”.

    In an interview with Allure magazine, Eilish said: “I watch things that bring me comfort, swim in my pool, but I feel best right out of the shower, with my lotions and my smells and I’m in a clean environment.”

    “When you’re in a s****y spot emotionally, when you change the things in front of you, it can help so much. I’m trying to prioritise. I wrote in a song years ago… ‘to keep myself together and prioritise my pleasure.’” – the artist added.

    The pop star also spoke about her song ‘Getting Older’ and said: “I said that three years ago, and then I didn’t do it! So I’m doing it now. And I’ve made enough people feel good that I deserve to feel good too.”

    Billie is also currently promoting her latest fragrance Billie No.3 and she says fans can mix her three scents, which she said that if one combined Eilish No. 1 and No. 2, they’d have this sweeter, more romantic version.

    The 21-year-old once admitted to overdoing how much she sprays of her fragrance Billie No.2 to make sure it “lasts” during performances. Giving her reasons, she said: “Well, I gotta do my wrists, all up my arms, but I overdo it, especially because I wear it a lot during shows and I go out into the crowd. And I want it to last, so I’m putting it on before shows, which are around an hour and 40 minutes so it has to last that long.”

    “And Eilish No. 2 does, which is really sick and a big priority for me. So I’ll overdo it: I’ll go all over my arms, I’m spraying my neck like a m***********, I’ll go under my shirt and all over my chest, sometimes on my, like, sternum or whatever. And then, sometimes I’ll spray my hair because it stays in your hair – I know you’re really not supposed to do that, but I do it.” -she added

    The superstar also revealed that sometimes she’ll spray the front or back of her shirt, her thighs, “I don’t know, I just go crazy on perfume, dude.”

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