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    Watch: Adobe reveals a Digital Animated Dress That Can Change Patterns

    Adobe is showing that artificial intelligence is the new norm, and it is changing the future of fashion.

    Named Project Primrose, the American multinational computer software company has revealed a digital, interactive dress at Adobe MAX 2023 in Los Angeles during the “Sneaks” portion of the conference this week.

    The research scientist behind the dress, Christine Dierk did not only introduce the dress, but she went on to model it too, calling it a “digital dress that brings fabric to life.”

    As she was rocking the interactive garment, a strapless, knee-length dress with as lot of small, scale-like screens, Dierk said: “Unlike traditional clothing, which is static, Primrose allows me to refresh my look in a moment.”

    The scientist triggered a change in the dress, switching the dress’s color from cream to metallic silver, a transformation that was met with gasps and cheers from the conference crowd.

    As the initial colour of the dress changed, the dress went through more iterations, its scales changing to form several different patterns, from a chevron-like stripe to a diamond design.

    The co-host of the segment, Adam Devine jokingly said: “Red carpets are going to be way sassy.” Dierk revealed that the design of the dress can also be animated, activating a moving pattern, which amazed the audience. The dress also has a buttonless mode that relies on embedded sensors.

    Dierk said that fashion doesn’t have to be static, it can be dynamic and even interactive. “And we’re excited for a future where there’s more ways to express yourself.”

    Watch the video below:

    Main Image: The Mary Sue

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