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Accent Showdown: Thuso Mbedu vs. Tyla – Who Has the better Global Verbal Swagger?

Forget celebrating their talent; the internet is buzzing over Thuso Mbedu and Tyla’s accents. These rising stars aren’t trending for their skills, but rather for the way they sound in interviews.

Since Thuso’s move to the US, she’s snagged international interviews with Hollywood heavyweights like Oprah Winfrey, Trevor Noah, and Ellen DeGeneres. While discussing her role on Amazon Prime Video’s The Underground Railroad with Ellen, she made history as the first South African actress to lead an American TV series. But, who cares about that when you’ve got a twang to discuss? Some users on X dissed Mbedu’s American accent, but others shrugged it off, acknowledging her as a global citizen making waves.

Then there’s Tyla, causing a stir with her international fame. She landed an interview on Jennifer Hudson’s show, talking about her music, South African culture, and her Grammy nomination. People were wowed by her Colored accent on such a big stage. Tyla received praise and, unfortunately, got thrown into the ring with Thuso and Trevor Noah.

Who knew accents could steal the spotlight?

Main image: Fresherslive

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