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Cyan Boujee dragged for allegedly beating up young Paballo Noko

The influencer cat fight is real and can be very nasty, however, fans have it that if it happens, it should be a fair fight. This is how the influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee is under fire, having the duo on top of the X trends all morning long.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Paballo Noko is one of the young girls that have been trending for dating the DJ and producer, Busta 929. Girl had the audacity to drag Cyan Boujee and called her names while at it. Cyan didn’t appreciate that so she decided to teach her some manners and get her in check.

The how Cyan called Paballo out is what has left social media outraged, because not only did Cyan call her out, but she assaulted her as well. Paballo is 16 and Cyan is 22. Cyan is now under fire for not picking on someone her own size and bullying Paballo when she keeps quiet when older influencers criticize her or come for her. Coward much?

Anyways, young Paballo has opened an assault case and we wait to see the results.

Main Image: Mgosi and X

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