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Watch: Trevor Noah’s controversial ‘R33 million’ Visit SA ad is finally out

The highly anticipated “R33 million” Visit South Africa commercial for Tourism Marketing South Africa (TOMSA) by South Africa’s very own Trevor Noah is finally out.

Yesterday was hectic day for the global comedian, Trevor Noah, as he kicked off the day by launching his new podcast on Spotify, titled ‘What Now’, and now his big-budget advert promoting tourism in South Africa is also out.

Controversy had already surrounded the commercial before its debut. In September 2023, widespread reports suggested that Trevor Noah was set to earn R33 million for a new advert aimed at inspiring global visits to South Africa. The reports sparked intense debate over the what was viewed as exorbitance of the fee. Noah later went on to make it clear that there was no truth to the figures. Tourism South Africa hinted that the R33 million was the overall budget for production, not Noah’s fee, and it was not funded by taxpayers.

The 947 Breakfast Club presenter, Anele Mdoda share the ad on her X (formerly known as Twitter) account with the caption “Come to South Africa.”

In the commercial, the former Daily Show presenter humorously addresses questions about South Africa from people around the world, providing his typically witty responses. Watch it below.

Main Image: Variety Australia

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