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Faith Nketsi announces divorce after two years of marriage

Grab your gossip glasses, folks, because the tea is piping hot! Reality TV sensation Faith Nketsi just dropped a bombshell on Instagram, announcing her divorce with hubby Nzuzo Njilo. Yes, you heard it right—#RelationshipStatus: It’s Complicated.

Faith Nketsi announces divorce after two years of marriage, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
Not all is lovey dovey in celebville / Image: ZakaVibes

Known for slaying the fashion game and living her best life in the limelight, Nketsi just shattered the illusion that celebs have it all together. After nearly two years of marriage, the power duo decided to hit the brakes on their love train. And where else to spill the deets than on the ‘Gram?

In a move that had fans grabbing their popcorn, Nketsi penned an media release, giving us a backstage pass to the complexities of their divorce saga. It’s a harsh reality check that even the Insta-fabulous can’t escape the twists and turns of love.

Faith Nketsi announces divorce after two years of marriage, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
The media release posted by Fait Nketsi on her Instagram / Image: Instagram @faith.nketsi

Here’s a sneak peek into her Insta-drama diary: “It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Nzuzo Njilo and I are in the final stages of our divorce proceedings. No one gets married with the intention to get divorced.” But wait, there’s more! Njilo is making headlines of his own, allegedly tangled up in a R20 million fraud scandal involving trucks.

As if the divorce drama wasn’t enough, fans are pointing fingers at Njilo, accusing him of playing the con artist card. Deceptive practices? Check. Accusations flying left and right? Double-check. It’s a rollercoaster of scandalous proportions and we’re here for it.

But among all the chaos, Nketsi is keeping it classy, emphasizing that Njilo is still dad of the year to their adorable daughter. So, buckle up, gossip enthusiasts, because this reality show just got a whole lot realer!

Main image: News365

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