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    Spotify’s Afrobeats Journey to a Billion Streams Site gets Fresh Updates 

    Early this year, Spotify dedicated a site to Afrobeats, celebrating its global impact and African roots. The site that quickly became an online hub dedicated to all things Afrobeats just got fresh updates.  

    Afrobeats enthusiasts can now feed their passion with details about the most streamed Afrobeats tracks, albums and artists in 2023. This new content is an addition to the available information already on the site about the genre’s beginnings, evolution, fusion of styles, cultural impact, and highlights of notable women who have played influential roles within the genre.

    Afrobeats exponential growth and global acceptance are evident in its significant milestones. From Rema’s groundbreaking achievement of surpassing a billion streams on Spotify with his track “Calm Down” featuring Selena Gomez, Afrobeats artists being nominated for and winning the prestigious Grammy awards, to other Afrobeats artists headlining their shows at iconic venues both home and abroad; the music genre is taking its position as a leading and globally celebrated cultural export from Africa.  

    Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, Spotify’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa says, “The tenacity, musical prowess and accomplishments of Afrobeats artists brings pride to the African continent and is worthy of celebration. Spotify is delighted to spotlight Afrobeats artists who are breaking boundaries as catalysts of growth for the Afrobeats genre”.

    The new updates showcase Davido as the most streamed Afrobeats artist in 2023. “Unavailable” by Davido also claims the top spot of the most streamed Afrobeats tracks in 2023 and Rema’s album, “Rave and Roses Ultra”, stood out as the most streamed Afrobeats album in 2023.

    To gain insight into the comprehensive compilation of Afrobeats artists, tracks, and albums that earned a spot on the most streamed list in 2023, we encourage you to delve into the recently updated Afrobeats site by Spotify. The platform offers an immersive experience that celebrates the evolution and impact of this dynamic and vibrant music genre.

    Main Image: Spotify

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