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    Watch: Oprah Winfrey passes ‘talk show baton’ to Sherri Shepherd

    During an appearance on the Sherri Shepherd Show last week, Oprah Winfrey surprised everyone by declaring that she is “passing the baton” to Sherri Shepherd. The emotional impact of this statement was really deep for Shepherd, as she shared her feelings with People magazine at the 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on December 16th.

    Recalling the moment, Shepherd admitted, “I bawled my eyeballs out. They were swollen all night the day she came.” She went on to express how surreal it felt to have Oprah’s endorsement, considering the iconic talk show host had been a significant source of inspiration and support throughout her life. Appearing on Oprah’s show at the age of 23, Shepherd reflected on how it fueled her aspirations and helped her navigate through life’s challenges.

    Receiving four Emmy nominations for The Sherri Shepherd Show added another layer of significance to the moment. Despite feeling the weight of the compliment from Oprah, Shepherd conveyed deep honor, stating, “A lot of pressure, but what an honour.”

    For Shepherd, the opportunity to interview Oprah marked a “full circle” moment. She acknowledged that, after turning down the iconic talk show host for years due to personal struggles such as a physically abusive relationship and family issues, being on Oprah’s show was a transformative experience.

    “I hung on to Oprah for dear life. And when I was on that show, I just said, ‘What if?’ … I hope that I am for someone the way she was for me. So, it was absolutely amazing,” Shepherd shared, emphasizing the profound impact Oprah had on her life during challenging times.

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