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WATCH: Sonia Mbele reveals how her baby daddy showed himself as a deadbeat to her son

In a recent interview on the King David Studio podcast, actress Sonia Mbele opened up about a challenging experience involving the father of her firstborn son. As much as she didn’t reveal his name, Sonia mentioned that she had been with him for nine years and shared a particular incident that highlighted his behaviour.

During a trip to a grocery store in Mellville to buy stuff for her then nine-month-old son, Sonia found herself in an unexpected encounter with her ex-partner. Her shopping basket was filled with various baby products as she waited in line to pay. The ex-partner approached her, inquired about her presence at the shop, and glanced into her trolley.

Instead of offering to buy the baby items, he chose to ignore the situation and headed to the cigarette counter. When he came back, he handed Sonia a brown paper bag containing biltong. Unimpressed, she declined the gesture, stating, “You can keep it.” Sonia emphasized that her son was only nine months old and didn’t have teeth at that time.

The clip concluded with Sonia expressing her sentiments with a simple remark: “Black men!” as she took a sip of water, shedding light on her experience of having to take on both parental roles for her son.

Main Image: YouTube

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