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    Enhle Mbali sets the records straight: “I am so tired of being the bigger person”.

    Actress Enhle Mbali recently took to Instagram Live to address several matters, including her stance on social media criticism, clarifying a cryptic post, and discussing the incident involving Black Coffee.

    Mbali urged her fans to refrain from linking everything she does to her estranged husband, particularly addressing a cryptic Instagram story she posted following the announcement of Black Coffee’s involvement in a flight accident. The post, which read, “Best thing I’ve heard this year,” was misconstrued as a reaction to the incident. However, Mbali clarified that it was unrelated to Black Coffee’s accident and was merely a part of her routine of sharing amusing content with cute captions.

    Expressing her frustration, the Slay star revealed that she found herself unexpectedly caught in a storm of criticism. Despite sending an email wishing Black Coffee a speedy recovery a few days after learning about the accident, Mbali disclosed that her gesture was met with negativity.

    She shared, “I sent an email saying sorry [get well soon.] Do I not get an email saying: ‘Stop pretending like you care.’ I decided to do this today, and… I’m in trouble with a lot of people right now, but I am so tired of being the bigger person.”

    Mbali clarified that her concern lies with Black Coffee’s well-being due to their shared responsibility as parents, not because of any lingering emotional attachment. She emphasized her commitment to her children and explained that her decision to send the email was a testament to her caring for their father’s health.

    Addressing her impending divorce from Black Coffee, Mbali stated that the process would be finalized in November of the current year. She urged people to understand that she left the marriage for valid reasons and emphasized that she is actively living her life. Despite the challenges, Mbali asserted her resilience, noting, “When I said I wanted a divorce, I made the decision after a lot of thinking. Even pre and post-the situation, there was a lot of sh*t happening, and I haven’t said a word. I have only reacted to the things that have been done to me.”

    Main image: News24

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