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    “My electricity, my Masters”- Maphorisa sets the record straight

    South African DJ and record producer Maphorisa is trending for going live and giving his very unconventional opinion on how the industry works.

    “When you record music in my computer, and my studio and my electricity, that is mine. You must understand that one. You guys don’t know anything.

    “I buy the food, I buy the water, it’s my computer and my electricity. So why must you own things you didn’t come with? You must understand that when you work in someone’s studio, that stuff is not yours,” said Phori.

    He said people should rather buy their own studio equipment.

    “Go buy your own studio, you own plugins, your own mics, then make your own songs and release them. Those are your masters,” he said.

    The music guru also added a note to the younger and upcoming musicians.

    “We are not competing with you. You youngsters, we want you guys to come back. We want you guys to know information because you guys don’t have the right information. You just enter, and you trend. Then you get drunk over the hype. Hype runs out. You must know and understand that. You’ll have to start dropping music. I’ve seen many come and go. You need to stay humble in this game,” said Phori.

    He added that he isn’t stupid when he approaches upcoming talent.

    “It’s not like I’m stupid when I reach out to you, when I’m trying to help you. You think I want to suck you or whatever. No, I just want to help you.”

    Netizens had their say over the matter as well.

    “What was the initial agreement? If he stays quiet and lets the boys use his studio, then he is wrong” said @Blkmoonn

    @NneteKeNnete said “He is right. The company you are working for is using your knowledge and skills etc and paying you a salary. You don’t own anything in that company even if you achieve projects worth millions. Unless you are a shareholder then you get your cut”

    @bonganig said “The person financing the recording process and owning the studio owns the masters”.

    @SidwellNjabulo said “Bro is playing smart. He is not making them pay for studio time, he makes them think it’s free kanti noo. You pay for it ,forever. Sheba shit didn’t know.”

    Video from Instagram @FRESHMEN MAGAZINE

    Main image: YFM

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