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    TB Joshua: Megachurch leader allegedly raped and tortured members of his church

    Is this the part where someone did evil deeds in the name of God? Well according to BBC, there are some disturbing discoveries and findings of widespread abuse and torture committed by the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), TB Joshua, which happened to be one of the world’s prominent Christian evangelical churches.

    The investigation reveals extremely scary testimonies from former church members, including instances of rape, forced abortions, and physical violence for over nearly two decades within the church’s secretive Lagos compound.

    Key Findings of the BBC Investigation:

    • A lot of eyewitness accounts detail physical violence, including child abuse and chaining, orchestrated by the church’s founder, TB Joshua.
    • Multiple women have come forward, alleging repeated sexual assaults by Joshua, resulting in forced abortions for some.
    • The investigation also sheds light on deceptive practices, revealing how Joshua allegedly staged “miracle healings” broadcasted to millions worldwide.

    Rae, a British woman, shared her traumatic 12-year experience within the church, describing it as a nightmarish ordeal of sexual assault and confinement. She went on to emphasize the urgent need to expose the truth, likening her experience to being trapped in a cult.

    The SCOAN, with its vast global following, has faced previous allegations, which the church has consistently denied. However, this BBC investigation, conducted in collaboration with openDemocracy, marks the first time multiple former church insiders have courageously spoken out on record, despite alleged attempts to silence them.

    TB Joshua, who was and most probably still is, hailed as a significant religious figure in Africa, founded the evangelical empire with influential political and celebrity associations. Despite his death in 2021 and past controversies, including a tragic 2014 guesthouse collapse that claimed many lives, the church continues its operations under his widow, Evelyn Joshua.

    A number of British citizens who escaped the SCOAN reported their traumatic experiences to UK authorities, and they claim their pleas for intervention went unanswered. Even when evidence, including video recordings, was presented to the British High Commission in Nigeria, they allege no action was taken. That is frightening.

    As SCOAN persists under new leadership, former members like Anneka from Derby in the UK, emphasize the importance of a comprehensive investigation into the church’s practices and TB Joshua’s actions. She urges authorities to delve deeper, seeking justice for the countless victims who may still be suffering in silence. Hopefully the victims can find assistance and closure.

    Watch one of the episodes from the docuseries below:

    Main Image: Ripples Nigeria

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