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    Watch: Black Coffee talks about Diddy’s exclusive parties

    Black Coffee and Puff Diddy’s relationship has been at the top of the trends as of recently, and the South African-born international disc jockey has shared the story of how they met each other.

    In a recent interview on Kaya FM, the ‘Drive’ hitmaker opened up about how he got to rub shoulders with the American rapper and mogul, met Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

    Black Coffee has managed to become one of the most popular DJs in the world, and over the years, not only has he made history as the first South African to play at the Maddison Square Garden, but has also bagged himself a Grammy.

    In the interview he said: “Let me tell you a story of faith and Puff (Puff Diddy). I first met Puff in Ibiza. I was playing a set; I finished; I went to go get a drink, when I come back – he was there. That’s the first time I met him. And he’s like ‘Oh man, I just came to see you [and] I just heard [that] you’re are done playing’,”

    He also recalled by sharing: “Fast forward… We are in Miami. Some friends of mine from France were there; they were going to Puff’s party. They were like, ‘Do you want to come?’ You know Puff’s parties start at 06:00 in the morning. I was like, ‘Nah, I’m going to sleep’.  They call again and asked if I’m sure. I was like ‘Actually, I am coming’,”

    Coffee says when he got downstairs, him and his friends were surprised to see him carrying his DJ set. But since Diddy had missed his show in Ibiza, he decided to bring his DJing materials, just in case he got the chance to play. When he and his friends arrived at Diddy’s party and while standing in the long queue outside Diddy’s party, the Superman hitmaker and his friends realised that they were not even on the list.

    “There’s a long line. Like, people were name-dropping. They are trying to get in and this guy had said our name is on the list and it’s not. We are just waiting now at the gate,” Black Coffee shared.

    He also goes on to share that one of Diddy’s guys walked out and pointed straight to him and told him to come through. After looking around, Black Coffee said he was taken aback when he realised that he was indeed the one Diddy’s guy had called.

    “He let us in. He was like ‘Puff is going to be so happy that you’re here’… As we walk into the house – he [Diddy] was still seeing Cassie at the time. Cassie sees me, she’s like ‘Oh my gosh’. I was so shocked… Puff was so happy. There was a long list of DJs, pre-arranged, there’s a line-up. [And] he [Diddy] took the mic and was like ‘Black Coffee is going to play right now’,” – Black Coffee added.

    What a fun way to party for a DJ!

    Picture: Briefly

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