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    Celebrating Margarita Day with the quintessential summer drink The Don Margarita

    Every year on the 22nd of February, tequila and cocktail aficionados raise their glasses to this iconic cocktail that has stood the test of time by celebrating World Tequila Day. A beverage synonymous with great memories and social gatherings.  

    Speaking on celebrating World Margarita  Day, Don Julio brand manager, Mpimi Mashimbye said; “This World Margarita we want to celebrate the legendary margarita by educating our consumers on the history of the drink and the many variations of the drink with its many variations and the evolution of flavours across the globe. The Don Margarita remains a classic favourite and is the perfect drink to enjoy celebratory moments, so let’s pay homage to this glorious concoction- the Don Margarita this World Tequila Day.”

    Did you know that the margarita was first created by Francesco “Pancho” Morales in Mexico in the early 1940s? Legend has it that it was a hot summer day when a lady walked in and said, “Let me have a magnolia.” Upon realizing that Pancho had forgotten the recipe for the magnolia, a stroke of genius hit him thus birthing the incomparable margarita, because he was thinking of the “Daisy” which in Spanish is a margarita. A beautiful surprise that started a global phenomenon for the ultimate cocktail that is quintessentially summer. 

    Over the years the margarita has evolved with a variation of flavours and takes, however, one leads the pack, the Don Margarita. The Don Margarita is more than just a cocktail, it’s a work of art that only a few have mastered. Prepare for a sensational sensory journey with each sip as the glorious taste of premium Don Julio tequila, fresh citrus, and sexy tahini spice come to life and tango on your tongue and take you on a luxurious taste journey of the perfect summer.   

    “When we were creating the Don Margarita, we wanted to create a cocktail that speaks to South Africa’s sensational summer and colourful heritage. This year we want to celebrate World Margarita Day in style and bring consumers into the awesome world of Don Julio tequila by educating consumers to make this sensational drink that consumers have been enjoying at all our summer pop-ups around the country this summer”, shared Mpimi Mashimbye, Don Julio brand manager.   

    The key to achieving the ideal balance of flavour’s, mixologists carefully combine Don Julio Blanco, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, and agave syrup in precise proportions. The result is a cocktail that dances on the palate, offering a symphony of flavours that are both familiar and delightfully unexpected, much like the South African summer.   

    In a sea of summer cocktails, the Don Margarita reigns supreme. Its sophisticated blend of Don Julio, a burst of citrus, and subtle sweetness make it a taste of luxury under the sun. As you plan your summer festivities, consider elevating your cocktail game with the timeless allure of the Don Margarita. Cheers to a season filled with sunshine, good company, and the ultimate drink of summer- the Don Margarita.   

    Have a go at the Don Margarita this summer:   


    • 1 shot Don Julio Blanco  
    • 1 Fresh Lime Juice  
    • Half a shot of Agave Nectar  


    • Prepare your glass with a salt rim  
    • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker  
    • Add ice and shake passionately  
    • Strain into a glass over ice  
    • Garnish with lime zest and sea salt rim or tahini spice.   

    Main Image: Don Julio

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