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    Mzansi doesn’t like the new Big Brother voice on #BBMzansi

    The arrival of the new season of Big Brother Mzansi has brought with it a fresh voice for Biggie, the iconic narrator. However, this change has been met with mixed reactions from South African viewers who have been expressing their dissatisfaction on social media. Many have noted that the new voice sounds younger and different from the familiar Big Brother voice they were accustomed to.

    Complaints about the new voice flooded social media platforms, with some viewers reaching out to host Lawrence Maleka to express their discontent.

    In response, Lawrence urged viewers to give the new voice a chance, drawing a parallel to one’s initial experiences and the need for kindness and patience.

    “Think of the first time you started at something, how you prayed that it works out and how kind and patient those who were far more experienced than you were or rather how you wish they could have been,” he wrote.

    Mzansi Magic addressed the criticism by revealing that the new Biggie voice was an intentional move to showcase and promote new talent in the television industry. They encouraged fans and viewers to support the new voice, allowing the emerging talent to establish a name for himself during this season.

    Main image: Mzansi Profiles

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