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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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    Behind the Envelope: John Cena’s Surprising Attire at the Oscars

    The Oscars 2024 in Los Angeles witnessed a bold and unapologetic fashion statement that left many in stitches – courtesy of none other than John Cena. The professional wrestler-turned-actor quickly topped the list of least-dressed attendees, making a grand entrance that was equal parts comical and quite brave.

    Initially appearing without a smile and an oversized envelope strategically covering his modesty, Cena’s unconventional look raised eyebrows and sparked a flurry of whispers. However, his decision to embrace a more covered ensemble when presenting the Academy Award for costume design to Holly Waddington for Poor Things added an unexpected twist to the evening’s proceedings.

    In a hilarious exchange with host Jimmy Kimmel, Cena playfully declined to participate in a nude run, mentioning the event’s elegance and saying, “While I wrestle in jorts, I don’t wrestle naked.” After a series of comical attempts to avoid the potentially revealing spectacle, Cena finally took to the stage, his envelope-turned-makeshift-garment providing just enough coverage for his lower body.

    With the assistance of Kimmel and a team of skilled costumers, the wrestler-turned-actor transformed his look into a makeshift toga, complete with a stylish curtain tassel belt, all while the nominee montage played in the background.

    While Cena’s daring outfit undoubtedly stole the spotlight as a standout moment, most attendees at the Oscars 2024 opted for more traditional attire, adhering to the event’s dress code.

    it was a night to remember.

    Main image: People

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