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    Malome Vector on His Upcoming EP “1964” dropping this week

    Malome Vector is about to drop his much-anticipated EP, “1964,” this Thursday and he’s talking about what inspired this project. The rapper had been in the studio, and the time to share his music with the world is almost here.

    But before the EP officially hits the airwaves, Malome Vector wanted to give his fans a glimpse into the inspiration behind it. He revealed that the title “1964” is not just a random number—it holds deeper meaning. This year marks Lesotho’s independence, and for Malome Vector, it also represents his artistic freedom.

    Malome Vector on His Upcoming EP “1964” dropping this week, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Tracks from the 1964 album / Image: Ubetoo

    “I’m excited to share the inspiration behind my upcoming EP, ‘1964.’ This project is special to me because it signifies a crucial moment in my artistic journey. Just like 1964 symbolizes Lesotho’s independence, this EP represents my independence as an artist,” he explained.

    Malome Vector went on to say that this EP is a reflection of his growth and artistic vision. He aims to create music that resonates with both himself and his audience.

    “It’s a testament to my growth, creativity, and dedication to making music that deeply connects with me and my fans. I can’t wait for you to join me on this new journey of exploration and expression. Thank you for your constant support,” he added.

    Malome Vector on His Upcoming EP “1964” dropping this week, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    After parting ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment, Malome Vector took the bold step of starting his own record label, “The WholeTime Entertainment.” This EP is not just a new chapter in his music career but also a testament to his resilience and determination to succeed on his own terms.

    Main image: Ubetoo

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