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    Meet The Women Of Amapiano

    The Recording Academy/Grammys showcase the ‘Women of Amapiano’ in honour of Women’s History Month.

    From the captivating choreography of dancing schoolgirls to the vibrant performances of women DJs and vocalists, Amapiano’s essence has been effectively conveyed to the world. A network of women is driving the genre’s growth, both within and beyond South Africa.

    Meet The Women Of Amapiano, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Image: Instagram @Click Media Music

    Here’s a list of influential women who are instrumental in elevating Amapiano to global prominence.

    • DBN Gogo: Born in Durban, DBN Gogo has emerged as one of amapiano’s most sought-after acts. Her hits like “Khuza Gogo,” “Possible,” “Bambelela,” and “Bells” have solidified her reputation as a hitmaker and a captivating performer. She is also credited with creating the viral dakiwe dance challenge.
    • Nkosazana Daughter: With a spiritual sound and an angelic voice, Nkosazana Daughter has become amapiano’s sweetheart. Her ethereal vocals have added a distinct purity to many songs, showcasing her talent and versatility.
    • Boohle Manyathi: Originally from Vosloorus, Boohle Manyathi started her career in gospel music before transitioning to Afro house and amapiano. Her soulful vocals have been featured in several hit songs, including “Mama” and “Siyathandana.”
    • Lady Du: With a background in Hip-Hop DJing, Lady Du found her calling in amapiano. Coming from a family of DJs and producers, she has made a significant impact on the genre.
    • Pabi Cooper: Hailing from Pretoria, Pabi Cooper rose to fame with the hit “Isphithiphithi” produced by Busta 929. Her talent for creating catchy tunes has made her a favorite in the amapiano scene.
    • Khanyisa: Starting her career as a social media influencer, Khanyisa has successfully transitioned into an amapiano star. Her humorous and relatable content has endeared her to millions of fans on TikTok.

    These amazing women, through their talent, creativity, and dedication, are playing a vital role in shaping the future of Amapiano, both locally and internationally.

    Main image: Grammys

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