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    PH & Warras Unleash Shady New Podcast

    What do you get when you put together two of South Africa’s most seasoned media personalities and most notable DJs?

    The creation of a podcast aimed at addressing and unpacking the bulls*** and bringing some realness through their unfiltered views.

    Introducing The Shady PHodcast, a podcast hosted by Warrick ‘Warras The Shady Lurker’ Stock and Phind’Gcobe ‘DJ PH’ Madubela. Their fearless opinions on the world of pop culture among other news interests is what will turn tables and up the ante in a reimagined way.

    “We can’t deny how podcasts have changed media consumption not just locally but globally as well. Not only have they allowed people like ourselves to freely exercise our freedom of speech, but they form these niche audiences that people can relate to without feeling judged or shunned upon for sharing the same sentiments”, say Warras and PH.

    PH & Warras Unleash Shady New Podcast, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Image: Briefly News

    While many may find this duo unusual, Warras and PH have in fact been friends for the past 15 years and have worked together on projects such as (PH)ola. One of their many goals included starting their own podcast together after years of being in the traditional media space and growing their respective audiences. The creation of their own podcast means creating an expressive platform that delivers the most unconventional and challenging perspectives contrary to what mainstream media delivers.

    “From the banter we have to the amazing and unexpected guests we’ll be inviting onto the show, we really just want to have fun with it and rock!” add Warras and PH .

    While radio and TV have helped the likes of Warras and PH grow in to their broadcasting career, “sometimes you just want to take a shot left and carve your own path and this is why it was important to go into a space that doesn’t limit me in terms of my opinions and I can exercise change as and when I feel like it”.

    “The Shady PHodcast is for the people who don’t give a f**k and don’t live up to societal norms because being conventional has never gotten anyone anywhere,” concludes Warras

    The Shady PHodcast will premiere on Monday, 11 March 2024 at 11h00 exclusively on The Real Network channel on YouTube with new episodes dropping every Monday in the same time slot. The Real Network is a new podcast network, spun out of Cliffcentral.com where the personalities and audiences can do their thing in complete freedom. We do REAL. Real people, real life, real stories. From real funny to real controversial; real relevant to real know-how.

    “After a decade of pioneering and revolutionizing podcasting in Africa, seeing Cliffcentral.com transform into The Real Network will not only take podcasting to different heights, it will also create a platform that is able to accommodate the talent of the future. For shows like The Gareth Cliff Show, the quality and substance of the show will still remain all while making way for new shows aimed at opening up the podcast industry and attracting new generations of audiences and content creators. I truly believe that PH and Warras will take The Real Network to unimaginable spaces for all to access.” comments Gareth Cliff, Founder of Cliffcentral.com

    The Real Network will be creatively driven by PH & Warras’ alongside Gareth Cliff’s guidance to create one of the biggest multi-platform media channels the continent has. The podcast network will host diverse views and content brought to you by personalities like DJ Warras, PH and Gareth Cliff with episodes ranging from 30 minutes, to hour-long shows, and to all hour streaming and more shows added throughout the year.

    All of Cliffcentral.com’s platforms will be changed effective 08 March 2024. For more on what’s coming from The Shady PHodcast, follow The Real Network on YouTube as well as Instagram, X and TikTok @The_RealNetwork.

    For a detailed programme and more news, visit www.thereal-network.com.

    Main image: Supplied

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