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    Tips on how to care for your skin in winter

    Ever wonder why your skin goes from silky smooth to dry and flaky when the seasons change? It’s like your skin’s trying to tell you, “Hey, winter’s here, time to switch up your products!

    Cold air, indoor heating, and winter winds can leave your skin feeling parched and less radiant than a summer sunset. And it’s not just your face—your hands, feet, and any exposed skin can feel the chill too.

    Tips on how to care for your skin in winter, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Moisturise your skin / Image: Mecca

    The good news is that there are tricks to keep your skin glowing all winter long. Here’s what you can try out:

    • Moisturize like it’s your side hustle. After every wash, slather on some moisturiser to lock in that moisture. Keep a bottle nearby and a travel-size in your bag for on-the-go hydration.
    • Sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. Just because the sun is hiding doesn’t mean harmful UV rays aren’t lurking in the background. Slather on some SPF every morning to keep your skin protected and looking fly.
    • Overnight treatments are the bomb too. Pop on an emollient overnight for some serious skin TLC. Let it work its magic while you catch those Z’s, and wake up with skin softer than a cloud. Thank us later.
    • Keep it simple. If your skin’s feeling sensitive, cut back the skincare routine. Stick to basics like cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen until your skin’s back in the groove.
    • Get yourself a humidifier. Pump up the moisture in the air with a humidifier to give your skin that extra hydration boost it needs.
    • Say no to scorching showers. Keep the water temp lukewarm to prevent stripping your skin of its natural oils. And no rough towel-drying—pat, don’t rub!
    Tips on how to care for your skin in winter, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Moisturise your skin / Image: Conlin Health Care
    • Exfoliate with care. Go easy on the scrubs for gentle chemical exfoliants to keep your skin smooth without going overboard.
    • Lock it in with occlusives. Seal in that moisture with ingredients like shea butter and rosehip oil to keep your skin hydrated and happy.
    • Hydrate from within. Drink water like it’s your job and load up on antioxidant-rich foods to keep your skin glowing from the inside out.
    • Keep it cozy with comfy fabrics. Ditch the scratchy stuff and go for soft, natural fabrics to keep your skin irritation-free.
    • Glove up. Protect those hands from the elements with warm gloves, and keep them smooth by rocking silicone gloves when doing dishes. Your skin with thank you.

    And remember, if your skin’s feeling extra thirsty or nothing’s doing the trick, don’t hesitate to hit up a professional healthcare provider or a dermatologist for some expert advice. Your skin deserves nothing but the best, so treat it right and glow on.

    Main image: Byrdie

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