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    Beyoncé joins Drea Kelly’s II Hands to Heaven challenge

    Beyoncé recently hopped on the viral bandwagon of the “II Hands to Heaven” challenge, initiated by choreographer Drea Kelly. Sharing her spin on the challenge via Instagram on Tuesday night, Queen Bey treated fans to a slideshow commemorating the triumph of her latest chart-topping album “Cowboy Carter,” complete with a captivating video featuring what seems to be a flag bearing the album’s title against a desert backdrop.

    In the clip, synced to one of the album’s beloved tracks, Beyoncé showcases her dance moves inspired by Drea Kelly’s viral challenge for the song. Drea Kelly, a celebrated American choreographer, dancer, and actress, who also happens to be the former spouse of rapper and convicted felon R. Kelly, captured hearts with her rendition of “II HANDS II HEAVEN,” which swiftly went viral.

    Sharing her thoughts with ‘USA Today’ on the overwhelming response to her dance, Drea expressed her astonishment and thrill: “I was like, ‘hold on now, Beyoncé’s internet is on to something.’ And it has taken a life of its own,” she shared with ‘USA Today.’

    Fans across the web erupted with joy after Beyoncé posted her take on the challenge, with one enthusiast posting: “Not BEY doing the DANCE!!!!!!!!!”

    Main image: Sonic Music

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