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    New Series Alert | Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes

    A limited docuseries that uncovers a doomed expedition through the Amazon led by a charismatic guide with unclear motives, Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes premieres on Wednesday, 22 May at 20:00 CAT on Discovery Africa.

    The series unfolds a stranger-than-fiction story of Mickey Grosman, a former special forces demolitions expert who took a group of amateur adventurers on a nearly impossible journey across South America. Positioned as a charity trek for cancer awareness, participants were to be part of a 5,000-mile expedition across the continent through the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle. Only one claims to have made it to the end … Mickey Grosman.

    Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes uses the over 700 hours of archival footage shot from the trip to unfold a fascinating series of misfortunes and ineptitudes that quickly turned what was to be an already challenging expedition into a near constant struggle to survive. Tracing the rise and fall (and fall again) of a doomed adventure involving kidnapping, prison escapes, and a missing person, Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes uncovers brand new revelations that shock even those who were alongside Grosman during the ill-fated adventure.    

    “Pulled from hundreds of hours of footage, every episode of this compelling docuseries includes terrifying obstacles endured by those who chose to join the expedition,” said Howard Lee, President of Discovery Networks. “As we dug deeper to understand the motives behind those who took part in this doomed adventure, even we were surprised by what we saw.”

    Tune in on Wednesday, 22 May, at 20:00 CAT on Discovery Africa to witness the unravelling of a journey filled with danger, deception, and survival against all odds and uncover the shocking truths hidden within the lost tapes of this unforgettable expedition. If you miss the premiere, fear not! Repeats of the latest gripping episodes will air the following Saturday at 13:00 CAT.

    Main Image: Discovery

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