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    Review: Here’s why you need the HUAWEI FreeClips

    Entertainment SA and Business Tech Africa got to have a closer look at the HUAWEI FreeClips back in January this year at the HUAWEI launch and we have to say that we are impressed with Huawei for finishing what they started.

    It’s important for businesses to be seen keeping their promises, it makes for great word of mouth referrals. The Huawei free clips were no different.

    But before we talk about the overall performance of the clips, let’s take you through the pairing process.

    • Step 1: Switch your Bluetooth on and search for Huawei free clips on your phone.
    • Step 2: Once connected, you can start listening. Ensure that no one else near you is connected to the device. Once, you’re connected, the rest is history.
    • Step 3: If you are struggling to connect to them, press the small button on the side of the case to reset and connect again (step 1).
    • It’s important to add that the HUAWEI FreeClips come with a dual device feature where you can connect two devices.
    Review: Here’s why you need the HUAWEI FreeClips, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    The HUAWEI FreeClips / Image: HUAWEI

    Now, let’s talk about what they look like. From the get-go, they are weirdly shaped. But it’s actually the C-bridge design, intended to enhance your listening experience. Noise cancellation must have been the goal because even though the smaller part of the clips comes in the front of the ear, it’s the most powerful piece of the puzzle.

    We got on a call using them and had clear sound. We didn’t need to bring our phone any closer to our mouths to be more audible. That’s how good the sound was.

    The front of the clips have a talk mic and a VPU (voice projection unit) mic to capture your sound clearly. The back of the clips offers the windproof mic, that cushions your ear, eliminating any discomfort. Leaving you jamming to all your faves in no time.

    The free clips are perfect for any activity, whether you are going for a hike in the early morning or whether you are at the gym flexing your muscles, they are designed to go with any outfit or occasion.

    The open ear listening experience is truly a one-of-a-kind experience on its own. It’s like being the only person at the opera. The entire concert is sold out because you bought all the tickets so you could really listen to the way the singers belt out high musical notes. It’s an up-close experience with sound, whether you are listening to a podcast or whether you are listening to a new album.

    Review: Here’s why you need the HUAWEI FreeClips, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    The HUAWEI FreeClips / Image: HUAWEI

    With 8 hours of battery life on a normal day, you have all the time to catch up on your do-to list, get the cleaning done and do the laundry all in one day. Equipped with feather light wearing, you can enjoy hours and hours of being connected.

    The charging case looks sleek and is in a shiny matte grey. It gives a very minimalistic aesthetic. The free clips are a product that well desperately need but we don’t know that we need it yet.

    We would rate these a solid 10 /10. Well done Huawei on exploring creative bounds with no limits and for always keeping the end user in mind when it comes to modern, adaptive designs that better the lives of your consumers. This is what the market needed. It’s definitely a game changer.

    Main image: HUAWEI

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