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    Watch: Nota says DJ Zinhle “doesn’t make music”

    Nota is well known for stirring up controversy on the social media and as much as he doesn’t have a lot of fans, there are people that rally behind his content from time to time.

    This time around, the content creator and ex-husband to the soulful singer Berita, Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi decided to ride on the wave of DJ Zinhle trending for the wrong reasons. Speaking on a podcast, Nota said DJ Zinhle is not a talented musician.

    DJ Zinhle has been making music for years. Some of her greatest hits include ‘My Name Is’, ‘Umlilo’, Indlovu’ and many more. According to Nota though, the DJ doesn’t make her own music. “She doesn’t make music. She has people that make music for her. She’s a brand that attaches itself to popular music. She’s a DJ so she promotes music because a DJ’s job is to promote music.” – Nota says.

    Nota goes on to break down the relationship between brands and music creators and says the food chain is unfair because the creators don’t benefit unless they are attached to big, marketed brand names such as DJ Zinhle. It just so happens that people agree with him.

    Watch the video below:

    Main Image: MSN

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