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    What is the ‘husband test’ trend and why is it viral?

    A trending relationship test on TikTok is sparking hectic reactions and judgments, but experts warn against its validity and potential harm.

    The viral trend involves women referring to their boyfriends as “husband” to see their reaction. If the boyfriend corrects them, it’s seen as a sign of lack of love. However, psychologists argue that these tests, like previous ones, lack credibility and can be damaging.

    Psychologist Erik Anderson explains that people are often desperate for reassurance about their relationships, which these tests attempt to provide. However, they fail to offer meaningful insights and can lead to unfair judgments.

    The trend originated from a video where a boyfriend corrected his girlfriend’s “husband” reference, sparking debates. While some men seemed pleased, others appeared confused or uncomfortable. Yet, these reactions don’t reveal much about the relationship’s health.


    I feel like he’s entering his sassy man era yall.. its not really a good look????????????! #foryou

    ♬ original sound – Jalessa????

    Psychotherapist Marni Feuerman notes that the need for such tests may indicate deeper issues within the relationship. Instead of relying on these tests, she advocates for open, direct communication to address insecurities.

    These tests are not new; similar ones, like the orange peel and bird tests, have circulated before. Feuerman believes that feeling the need to conduct such tests suggests underlying relationship concerns.

    The allure of these tests lies in their entertainment value and the desire for drama. However, they reflect broader societal issues like loneliness and mistrust in relationships.


    Is her boyfriend’s quick correction to jokingly being referring to him as her husband a red flag? Here are my thoughts. #dating #datingtips #datingadvice #relationships @Shawnda #greenscreenvideo

    ♬ original sound – Shawnda

    Anderson suggests that if someone feels the need to conduct a relationship test, it might indicate underlying issues that need addressing. Instead of seeking quick answers, he advises having open, vulnerable conversations with partners to build trust and understanding.

    Ultimately, these tests may offer temporary reassurance, but true relationship security comes from honest, direct communication. If you feel insecure, it’s best to talk openly with your partner rather than rely on viral trends.

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