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    Kevin Spacey opens up about his dramatic fall from grace and financial woes

    In a candid and emotional interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey opened up about his dramatic fall from grace and the severe personal and financial consequences he’s facing. The 64-year-old actor, known for his roles in “American Beauty” and “House of Cards,” broke down in tears as he discussed his imminent bankruptcy and the foreclosure of his Baltimore home due to mounting legal debts.

    Spacey’s career came to an abrupt halt in 2017 after actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making a sexual advance when Rapp was just 14. This revelation triggered a wave of allegations against Spacey, aligning him with the #MeToo movement’s high-profile cases. Reflecting on his past behaviour, Spacey admitted to “pushing boundaries” and being “too handsy,” acknowledging his missteps but arguing against the term “groping” as a descriptor of his actions.

    In the interview, Spacey revealed that the aftermath of these accusations has left him financially crippled. With millions of dollars in legal bills, he faces the foreclosure of his Baltimore home, which he moved into in 2012 to shoot “House of Cards.” “My house is being sold at auction. So I have to go back to Baltimore and put all my things in storage. … I’m not quite sure where I’m going to live now,” he shared, visibly distressed.

    The legal battles have been numerous. In 2019, charges of groping an 18-year-old at a Massachusetts bar were dropped when the accuser refused to testify. In 2020, Rapp sued Spacey for sexual assault and sexual battery, but Spacey was found not liable in federal court two years later. Last year, a UK court acquitted him of nine counts of sexual assault involving four men during his tenure as artistic director at London’s Old Vic Theatre. Yet, Spacey’s legal woes are far from over, with a civil trial in the UK looming next year over another allegation of sexual assault.

    During the interview, Spacey defended his actions by describing his behaviour as “caressing” and “gentle.” When challenged by Morgan about the nature of consent, especially considering the power dynamics in Hollywood, Spacey acknowledged his past errors and vowed never to repeat them. “Yes, and again, recognizing that, understanding that and making a vow that that will never happen again for the rest of my life. I will never behave in the ways that I did previously, ever,” he promised.

    The actor also reflected on the initial response to Rapp’s allegations, which included coming out as gay—a move he now recognizes as poorly timed and inappropriate. “I should have made separate statements about my sexuality and about his accusation,” he admitted, noting the backlash and further misunderstandings that ensued.

    Spacey described his journey post-allegations as a period of intense personal reflection and therapy, admitting bouts of arrogance and ego but expressing gratitude for his newfound focus. “My goal is no longer to be the best actor. My goal now is to be a man of good character,” he stated.

    Despite the severe setbacks, Spacey remains determined to rebuild his life. When asked about his next steps, he responded resolutely, “Get back on the horse.” It’s a path fraught with challenges, but Spacey’s commitment to personal growth and redemption appears unwavering.

    Main Image: The New York Times

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