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Friday, July 12, 2024

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    SASKO, a brand dedicated to uplifting communities and positively impacting five million South African children through positive play, made a joyful visit to Little Paddington Early Childhood Development Centre in Morningside, KwaZulu Natal, to celebrate World Play Day.

    World Play Day, a global celebration of children’s right to play, focuses on exploration, language experimentation, and the promotion of physical, mental, and social health. Psychology underscores the importance of positive play as a natural way for young children to express themselves.

    As part of its commitment through the SASKO Siyasizana Campaign, which ensures children at ECD and primary school levels have access to better quality and positive play, SASKO marked this special day with children, parents, and media in KwaZulu Natal.

    The event was a lively and engaging affair, filled with various playful activities that fostered learning, social interaction, and creativity. Parents and teachers had the chance to engage with Sibusiso Ntshangase, an educational psychologist, who explained how “play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, agility, reasoning skills, and emotional strength.” Positive play, he noted, helps children in cognitive development, allowing them to master personal fears and prepare for future social roles through self-directed imaginative play.

    Sibusiso shared several effective and enjoyable ways to encourage positive play in children:

    • Physical Play
    • Social Play
    • Constructive Play
    • Games with Rules

    Sandira Naidoo, principal at Little Paddington Daycare, expressed her delight: “I am thrilled that SASKO chose our daycare center to celebrate World Play Day as part of the Siyasizana Play Better Campaign. Play is such an integral part of childhood development, and we are committed to providing our children with the best possible opportunities to gain experience and grow through play. This event has not only brought joy to our children but has also highlighted the importance of play in early childhood education. We are grateful for the support and recognition from SASKO, and we look forward to continuing to promote play-based learning in our center.”

    Nomawethu Ngadlela, Marketing Manager at SASKO, shared her reflections on the event: “Visiting Little Paddington Daycare was a heartwarming reminder of the transformative power of play. As we celebrated World Play Day under the SASKO Siyasizana Play Better Campaign, we witnessed joy, creativity, and growth blooming in every child’s smile. In nurturing their imagination and curiosity, we sow the seeds for a brighter, more compassionate future. Together, let’s continue to play, learn, and uplift communities, one playful moment at a time.”

    The celebration of World Play Day at Little Paddington was a vibrant testament to the importance of play in early childhood development, highlighting how joyful, interactive experiences can foster growth and learning in young minds.

    Main Image: Supplied

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