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    There have always been controversies when it came to what and who Tyla identifies as in terms of race, especially when it came to Americans who were always forcing the race issue to the world that the Grammy award winner should be black.

    Many South Africans came to Tyla’s defence, explaining that she is mixed so therefore in South Africa she is considered ‘coloured’ but because of racial issues in the northern countries she is considered ‘black’

    Amid the confusion and the anticipated reply, the hitmaker of ‘water’ finally spoke up to say who she was and the girl did not hold back. Tyla expressed how she does not know where her denying being black came from, however, she went further to say she is a mixture of Zulu, Irish, Mauritian/ Indian and coloured.

    Furthermore, she educates those who aren’t sure and have been confused that in South Africa she is classified as Coloured and in other places in the world she is classified as black.

    “I don’t expect to be identified as Coloured outside of Southa by anyone not comfortable doing so because I understand the weight of that word outside of SA…”

    Video Cred: yomzanzi

    Now that she has finally spoken out we hope the conversation on who she is or what she is classified as is will be cleared by her statement.

    Main Image:Hollywood Life

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