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    After being trolled so much on X Robot Boii finally addresses the incident of what really happened regarding Mr. Jazzi Q. A few weeks ago Mr. Jazzi Q was accused of sexual harassment by Y drive-time producer Miss Ngebo Mcobthi.  The Y drive time producer said the amapiano artist sexually harassed and kissed her in the lift.

    However, Jazzi Q denied it in his press release statement. In testimony of the denial, Robot Boii said in a recent interview at Popcorn And Cheese. The amapiano vocalist and dancer said that in the lift when the incident happened, Jazzi Q and Miss Ngebo were not alone, he mentioned there was a representative from Sony, a lady named Itumeleng, Maverick,  Jazzi Q’s little brother and the two people in question.

    “It’s one thing to take offense at a comment or to feel some time of way to how the situation, because the same girl posted I hate being disrespected on Instagram but on Twitter, she calls it sexual harassment,” says Robot Boii. He further says Miss Ngebo was wearing a warm like dress and this is when Jazzi Q tells Ngebo “she looks warm” and this what apparently got her mad enough for her to say she was sexually harassed.

    The amapiano dancing star adds on to say even though Miss Ngebo mentioned what happened Jazzi Q said they still got interviewed by Yfm and did events that made Ngebo feel some type of way and in the way the story blew up, Jazzi Q got crucified because in this country you are guilty first before proven innocent.

    Main Image: Sunday World

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