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    Thabo Bester: “It’s very difficult for me to appoint an attorney”

    The famous Thabo Bester who has been on our news for over a year now, has been trending again recently, for the wrong reasons. However, this time around, he decided to man up and plead his case in front of the judge.

    The convicted criminal denied his 2012 murder and rape convictions, claiming he was “forced to plead guilty” by a “dangerous” police unit. These allegations were made during an address to Judge Cagney Musi in the Free State High Court on Wednesday the 5th of June.

    Bester, his alleged girlfriend Nandipha Magudumana, and seven others face charges related to Bester’s prison escape, fraud, corruption, and desecration of multiple bodies. Their next court appearance is scheduled for July 24.

    Representing himself in court, Bester detailed numerous grievances about his incarceration at Kgosi Mampuru’s C-Max prison, where he is serving three life sentences for two counts of rape and one count of murder. He also has convictions for fraud and armed robbery.

    Bester’s complaints included:

    • Being kept in solitary confinement.
    • Having his legal counsel phone calls recorded.
    • Lack of access to legal documents related to his past convictions.
    • Being unfairly targeted by the police commissioner and correctional centre officials.
    • Fears for his mental health and safety.
    • Punishment over his “political issues in his personal capacity.”
    • Denial of a “free and fair trial.”
    • Inhumane treatment, including being cuffed and shackled, which he claims violated his human rights.
    • Media portrayal as guilty.
    • Prohibition from wearing his designer clothes.
    • Bester insisted there was “no evidence” of his guilt.

    Regarding his 2022 escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre, allegedly facilitated by Magudumana and others, Bester stated, “I cannot divulge certain information to an alleged escape. I do not believe it was an escape.”

    Bester also accused the media of damaging his reputation “with no facts or evidence,” asserting, “It’s already been confirmed that I’ve escaped, but no one knows the facts. It’s already confirmed that Thabo Bester is a rapist and murderer, but there is no evidence.”

    Referring to his 2011 conviction for two rapes and the 2012 conviction for the murder of his girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu, Bester claimed, “I am self-convicted. I pleaded guilty to the most dangerous [police] unit – the Cato Manor ‘killer squad’ forced me to plead guilty. And that case has been pending for 13 years in this court. Transcripts have been missing.

    “I have been out for a year; there’s not one charge.

    “I am not the worst inmate in this country. I have three counts, but I am the most popular inmate for no reason because of political issues I have in my personal capacity that have nothing to do with these legal proceedings.”

    According to GroundUp, Bester received three life sentences for the rape of two women and the murder of Tyhulu at a Cape Town guest house. He also served time for armed robbery with aggravating circumstances.


    Main Image: News24

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