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    Watch: Former ‘Generations’ Star Sophie Ndaba Hospitalized After Breaking Ankle

    Former ‘Generations’ actress Sophie Ndaba has been facing some serious challenges when it comes to her health, but she has always bounced back. The star unfortunately revealed on Sunday that she has been hospitalized following a broken ankle.

    In a video shared from her hospital bed, Ndaba informed her followers that she had undergone surgery for the injury. She recounted the incident, explaining that one moment she was walking, and the next, she had fallen.

    In her Instagram caption, Ndaba elaborated on how she was fitting a dress when she slipped and broke her ankle, attributing the accident to being preoccupied with the dress.

    “Woke up in hospital. One minute I’m walking and one minute, I’ve got a broken ankle. I want to remind you that some storms are not there to break you, I think some storms are there to slow you down. Some storms are there to restructure you,” she shared.

    The founder of She’s A Wonder (SAW) reflected on the positive aspects of her situation, expressing gratitude for her life despite the setback.

    “I’ve decided to embrace it because when I look at where I’m coming from I’m like dear Lord, what is a broken ankle? I still have my life, I still have my humour, and I still have so much to be thankful for, so I want to take this opportunity to thank God. It could have been worse.”

    Ndaba is now on the road to recovery and is almost ready to go home, although she will need to keep a cast on for another six weeks.

    Watch the video below:

    Main Image: Ubetoo

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