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    Winnie Khumalo’s Heartfelt Plea for Prayers as Daughter Rethabile Battles for Her Life

    In a poignant appeal to the nation, musician Winnie Khumalo has asked South Africans to pray for her daughter, Rethabile Khumalo, who is currently hospitalized and in critical condition. The beloved “Ntyilo Ntyilo” singer revealed that Rethabile was poisoned by a friend, a betrayal that has left the young star fighting for her life.

    According to Winnie, Rethabile has been in the hospital for six harrowing days, during which she has already undergone three surgeries. The situation remains dire, and Winnie felt it was time to share the distressing news with Rethabile’s supporters.

    “So I thought I would keep quiet until my daughter is ok… She is fighting for her life… She has been poisoned by a so-called friend,” Winnie shared with a heavy heart.

    Winnie went on to explain the severity of the situation. “It has been six days now in hospital… So I decided it’s only fair to share with her supporters these sad news… They did 3 operations on her already. We are hoping that @rethabile_rsa will soon recover, but at the moment it doesn’t look good.”

    In another heartfelt plea on her Instagram stories, Winnie urged Rethabile to keep fighting, especially for the sake of her young son, Culo, who was born in December last year. “Fight, your son needs you. We all do,” she wrote.

    Rethabile Khumalo, known for her 2019 hit song “Umlilo” featuring DJ Zinhle, is beloved by fans across South Africa. The news of her condition has sent shockwaves through the community, with an outpouring of love and support from fans and fellow artists.

    Winnie Khumalo’s Heartfelt Plea for Prayers as Daughter Rethabile Battles for Her Life, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Updating fans about her daughter’s condition, Winnie told the popular celebrity gossip account Maphepha Ndaba that a police case will be opened regarding the poisoning incident. She also shared that Rethabile continues to undergo critical medical procedures. “Right now, she is going back to theatre after doing three operations. We just want to focus on her first and making sure her son is okay,” Winnie explained.

    Despite the overwhelming fear and uncertainty, Winnie expressed her deep gratitude for the love and support they’ve received. “Thank you for the love and support… Now that I know everyone knows, I feel comforted by the shared pain and prayers,” she said.

    As Rethabile battles in the hospital, her family and fans alike are holding onto hope, praying for her swift recovery and justice for the act of betrayal that put her there.

    Main Image: Briefly News

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