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Friday, July 12, 2024

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    It seems like it’s been Ls after Ls for Drake especially with the criticism happening on all social media platforms, just when he thinks he can get a break he loses a $300,000 soccer bet between Argentina and Canada during the Copa America. The Canadian rapper bet on his beloved country to beat Argentina; however, things did not go as planned.

    The game took place on Tuesday night at EAST Rutherford. Drake took to his Instagram story posting that he bet $ 300,000 on Canada, only to lose the match and trended all over social media for it. If the ‘Kiki’ hitmaker was able to win that bet, he stood a chance of getting $2.88 million in return to winning that bet.  Drake has a record of betting as he once bet out at the Super Bowl, earning him a nice 1.2million.

    The superstar doesn’t end there, he also ventured into the soccer world, previously, placing a $1 million bet on Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup but it seems like this time his luck has come to an end.

    Social media went crazy after the post went up and the bet was lost giving the song ‘Not Like Us’ by Kendrick Lamar even more hype as the admin for the Seleccion Argentina in English on X posted a picture that was a group of the Argentina player celebrating with the caption: “Not like us, not with us”.

    Will Drake ever catch a breather?

    Main Image: Complex

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