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    The one topic that many are very opinionated on but still feel like it’s an extreme sport is relationships. The foundation of any relationship is trust which many people don’t understand. The level of confidence you have in your partner should directly match the level of transparency you give them. We are in a generation where everything now is given a name, especially in relationships but honesty. Many don’t understand that in a relationship if one breaks the trust they share it takes that one person their lifetime to rebuild that trust.

    Relationships are very complicated especially when it comes to telling the truth. It does not matter how long you know each other or how long you have been together if there is no trust that relationship will not grow anywhere. Honesty and transparency allow you to reach newer levels in your relationship opening up a chance of vulnerability in a relationship

    Transparency is a two-way street and one should learn to accept with no judgment this builds the relationship even deeper because you allow your partner to feel safe and comfortable around you.

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