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    Watch: SZA and Simone Biles Face Off in Friendly Handstand Contest Ahead of 2024 Olympics

    In a delightful crossover of music and sports, Grammy Award-winning artist SZA and Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles recently met up for some light-hearted competition ahead of the 2024 Olympics. The 34-year-old singer and the 27-year-old gymnast starred in a promo video that quickly charmed fans worldwide.

    From the start, SZA was clearly thrilled to meet her idol. “This is my dream to talk to you. I’m not even kidding,” SZA gushed to Biles. “I was so hype because you’re like my wildest dream. … I just have never seen anything like you. No one has, but it’s just like, wow.”

    Before launching into a friendly handstand contest, SZA revealed her past as a gymnast. When Biles asked why she transitioned from gymnastics to singing, SZA explained that she made the shift “when it was clear” that becoming a national gymnast wasn’t in her future, but she still needed something “to be competitive at.”

    “But you can’t break a nail. You can’t hurt yourself,” Biles joked before flipping upside down.

    “I don’t care about my nails. I’m scared to lose,” SZA replied with a laugh.

    Despite her nerves, SZA held her own in the handstand competition, even almost knocking over Biles a couple of times. The video, titled “When SZA Met Simone – Part 1,” hints at more fun interactions to come, much to the delight of their fans. SZA’s athletic past is an interesting chapter in her life.

    Watch the video below:

    Main Image: Billboard

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