4 Hairstyles you need to try this Valentines if you want an expensive gift from him.

We know our men are plotting to go on an imaginary conference this Valentines Day just to avoid buying a gift for their partners. If you are suspecting that your man is joining the fraternity, then try out these 4 hairstyles and watch him reconsider disappearing on V-Day.

It is no secret that men have a thing for natural looks (maybe because makeup is expensive), that is why we recommend you to give that Peruvian weave a break this time around and surprise him with something natural. Something like these examples below:

Triple Bantu knots!

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Bantu Knots are small coiled buns secured against the side of the head by the hair. Bantu knots are a cute, flirty style that is easy to do. One can achieve this look by making use of Long and Lasting Hair Anti-Dandruff Hair Food. The hair food will help reduce itching underneath the knot and ensure that the hair stays the same.

Finger coils :

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Finger coils are very common and fairly easy to do and can be achieved by a variety of hair in different lengths by using your fingers to twist the hair. For well-defined hair coils one can use a lock and twist jell. The jell allows for the coils to stay intact and not fall apart.

Defined Afro

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Defined afros are easy to make and easy to maintain, afros are the traditional black girl hairstyle. A good afro would need for your hair to be really soft and fluffy. Vatika Afro Naturals Curl Defining Cream can help you achieve a cloud light texture to your hair allowing your fro to be a good crown.


Beautiful African Braids Hairstyles With Pictures 4

One of the biggest advantages of almost all braid hairstyles for black women is that they work well for whatever hair length you have. Short hair, long hair, medium length hair – the length doesn’t really matter here. What matters though is the natural perm and thickness since these factors influence the look your braids will get.

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