5 Things every dad should have in their closet and why

Father’s Day is around the corner and already, most men are subjected to the question : ”what would you like as a Father’s Day gift?”.

This is possibly one of the most annoying, knee-jerk questions any dad (especially one working for an online publication) will face, but despite this it’s a very important and valid question. If I had a strict wife and was forced (presumably at gunpoint) to only purchase five things – five closet essentials that could get me through the week and give me enough variety of style, ease and practicality of wear, what would they be?

Well, there are the obvious answers: things like fresh underwear, shoes, pants, a t- shirt, a jacket or layer of some description and a sense of dignity – five things no man should leave the house without, but I won’t stoop as low as to give you the generic answers here.

The five things I can’t live without in my closet, because I care enough, are as follows: a lint roller, a hand steamer, cedarwood chips or cedarwood bags, the right kind of hangers and a pair of white sneakers. Here’s why.

Image: Unsplash

Lint roller

No item of clothing looks good when it’s covered in fluff, especially darker items (I tend to love black, because honestly once you go black.. You get the point). A lint roller is a simple gesture of self-respect and just shows that you cared enough to show up looking correct that day. It says ‘I also respect you enough to care enough that I look this way’.

A hand steamer

A hand steamer works much the same way. Nobody thinks a creased shirt or jacket looks cool. You may have the best style and the nicest brands, but those creases look like you just escaped from the underground bunker you’ve been held hostage in for the last two weeks.


Cedarwood is a really amazing trick to keep your clothing dry and smelling fresh, all the while keeping insects from eating holes in your clothing without having to resort to the dreaded mothball, which makes everything smell like actual death.

Wooden hangers

Hangers are a big thing in my life. In the infamous words of Joan Crawford (aka Mommy Dearest) ‘No more wire hangers!’ In her experience, wire hangers are for beating children. In my experience, wire hangers are for breaking into cars. They’ll also f*&% your clothing up quicker than a trip to the Breede river post crocodile outbreak. Stick to wooden hangers that will support and maintain the shape of your clothing, and silk or satin padded hangers for delicate items.

White sneakers

Plain white sneakers are just a personal choice. It’s like saying ‘yes’ to life. I seldom leave the house without them. They’re the dress shoe of the sneaker world and they just make me feel like I’m walking on sunshine.

Main Image: kubashi.com